Round Table

21 May 2018

Institute of International Politics and Economics (IIPE) organized a round table "Consequences of Syrian war on international order and law".

Professor Srđa Trifković, from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Banjaluka, observed critically the Russian involvement in Syria and pointed at contemporary hesitation when it regards actions of this country in Ukraine and in Syria. Trifković fears that Russian yielding policy would encourage hawks in Washington.

Dr Dušan Proroković, Head of the Centre for Eurasian studies (IIPE) presented global consequences of Syrian war as a catalyst of changes at world level that lead toward multipolarity and new balance of forces.

Expert for international law, Dr Mihajlo Vučić (IIPE) indicated at wrong and harmfull unerstading of international law regardin right to defende and interpretationof prevention as defense, as is happening in the caee of Syria. Vučić claims that big powers intervened outside legal framework, which means bezond invitation of the government of the country on which territory their armies conduct operations.

Comparison of Russian actions in Szria and in Ukraine was subject of Dr Stevan Gajić exposition (Institute of European Studies, Belgrade). He commenced with citation of USA President Dinald Trump, who expressed a need to act always in interest of once own country first. He commented that International law is practivally dead and that in sucha framework Russia conducts successfull policy in Szria but not in neighbouring Ukraine.

Place of Syria in Israeli military-political strategy was examined by Dr Slobodan Janković, Head of the Centre for Neighbourly and Mediterranean countries (IIPE) . Janković argued that Jewish state constantly aims to debilitate Syria. He ended his lecture with conclusion that Israeli influence in the Middle East along with behaviour of USA and Russia indicates that one could start speaking of Israel as of a small great power.

Ms. Marina Kostić (IIPE) swiftly managed lectures and discussion that followed.