Round Table

24 March 2016

The round table "Security Challenges of the Contemporary World", was held at the Institute of International Politics and Economics, on March 24th 2016. The event was organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade, Sector for Defense Policy, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia and the Military Medical Academy, Belgrade. After Prof. Branislav Đorđević, director of the IIPE had given welcoming speech, Prof. Stanislav Stojanović, from the Strategic Research Institute, gave an introductory lecture and opened the first panel. 14 representatives of the academic and scientific community, presented their papers. The main topics that were discussed within two panels of the Round Table related to the environmental security, contemporary security challenges like terrorism, cyber terrorism, securitization of health, bioterrorism, etc. The Table was moderated by Vidoje Golubović, PhD, Research Fellow of IIPE, Dragan Đukanović, PhD, Senior Research Fellow of IIPE and Zoran Jeftić, PhD, Chairman of the Board of the IIPE.