Project: Debating Serbia’s European future
Visit to Sofia

Team of the IIPE and local researchers as well the representatives of the CSOs (No Mobbing, European Movement in Serbia, Serbian Culture Club and Centre for Conservative Studies) visited Sofia from 24 to 27 October 2010.

On Monday, 25 October, in the morning we organized working meeting with EI staff engaged in the project Debating Serbia’s European future: the voice of civil society in decision making. We presented and discussed about results of the first phase of the project – field research and elaboration of relevant data. Further, we agreed on next phase. Along with that, we manage to individuate topics for the regional debates and info sessions.

Rest of the day and the next one we participated in the workshop organized by our partner EI. We had opportunity to acquire new skills and tools regarding the cooperation between the local CSOs and local, provincial and national public authorities.

At the end of the working day, we were hosted by Director of the Directorate for Coordination of EU Affairs of the Bulgarian Council of Ministers.

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