N° 1164, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2016.
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MEĐUNARODNA POLITIKA is one of the oldest journals in Serbia that studies international relations. In the previous six decades, the journal has been recognised in the country and abroad as a source of authoritative articles, analyses, studies and documentation on the contemporary development of international relations.

Striving for a rational outlook on contemporary international relations and, in particular, on Serbia’s foreign policy is the priority of the editorial conception of MEĐUNARODNA POLITIKA. In that regard, Editorial Board gives priority to contributions that contain a professional and balanced approach to international issues and to authors who offer an open-ended, unbiased and intellectually inquisitive perspective of todayʼs ongoing international processes. The journal seeks to explain as credibly as possible diverse new and insufficiently explored phenomena on the international scene.

MEĐUNARODNA POLITIKA is published quarterly in Serbian.

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Dragan Đukanović, PhD

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dragan Petrović, PhD


Vladimir Trapara, PhD

Editorial Council

Tanja Miščević, PhD, Chair, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade
Milica Delević, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade
Duško Lopandić, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia
Obrad Račić, PhD, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade
Ivo Visković, PhD, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade
Milan Šahović, Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade
Luka Brkić, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
Dr Hue Li, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking, Kina
Dr Zoltán Hajdú, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs, Mađarska
Dr Yiorghos Leventis, United Nations University, International Security Forum, Lefkosia, Kipar
Dr Mikhail M. Lobanov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economy, Moskva, Rusija
Dr Hrvoje Butković, Institut za međunarodne odnose, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Prof. Nikoleta Sîrghi, University of the West Timişoara, Faculty of Economics, Temišvar
Dr Zoila González Maicas, Instituto Superior de Relaciones Internacionales, Havana, Kuba
Dr Biser Banchev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Balkan Studies, Sofija, Bugarska
Prof. dr. Joachim Becker, Institute for International Economics and Development, Vienna, University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria.

Editorial staff

Milovan Radaković, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE
Ana Jović-Lazić, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE
Aleksandar Jazić, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE
Slobodan Janković, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE
Ivan Dujić, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE
Vidoje Golubović, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE
Žaklina Novičić, PhD, Research Fellow, IIPE


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11000 Belgrade
P.O. Box 413
Phone: + 381 11 3373 824 (Editor-in-chief); 3373 832 (subscription)
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