LECTUREE:   H.E. Mr. Krister Asp
Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia

Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia, H.E. Mr. Krister Asp, delivered a lecture on 24 January 2012 at IIPE, on

"The Priorities of Swedish Foreign Policy Towards the Balkans and Serbia in Particular"

Ambassador Asp, who prior to taking up the position in Belgrade used to be the Swedish Ambassador to Turkey for five years, emphasised Stockholm's firm belief that Serbia, but also Turkey, will eventually become full-fledged EU members. He argued that not only is Serbia's candidacy for EU memebership possible in March 2012, but that Stockholm is in favour of determining the start date for the accession negotiations soon, as well.

The lively debate that followed the lecture included exchanges between researchers and diplomats on a variety of connected issues, primarily the issue of Serbia's position vis-a-vis the fact that the majority of EU member states have recognised the independence of Kosovo, and the role of Belgrade's negotiations with Prishtina in the EU's consideration of Serbia's candidacy.

Extensive television reports on the lecture were aired by Voice of America, the B92 Television, Avala, Prva Television, and a number of other television stations. On this occasion, Ambassador Asp gave an extensive interview to the Politika daily, which can be accessed at

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