LECTURE: Prof. Vladimir Grečić


On Thursday, March 12th 2009.
Mr. Vladimir Grečić , Research Professor, Institute of International Politics and Economics,
delivered a lecture on

"Serbian Economy and its Prospects for Accession to European Union"

to a group of Franklin College students.
The lecture took place at 04:00 PM at IIPE, conference hall, Makedonska 25/ 1st floor.

Franklin College is an American 4-year, B.A. degree-granting university level institute, fully accredited in the American system, but operating in Switzerland.
The students are an international group and their interests are mixed.
The group consists of 27 students of six different nationalities (predominantly Americans) of ages ranging from 18 to 23 years.
Some have strong backgrounds in economics and political science, others in management and in other fields.

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