EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans


On Friday, December 12th 2008.
In co-operation with the EU Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia
Institute of the International Politics and Economics oranized the conference entitled:

"EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans".

The conference was opened by representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia,
and was participated by researchers and professionals from Serbia and its neighbouring countries.
The work of the conference was covered by media.

The conference took place at 10 a.m. at IIPE, Makedonska 25, 1st floor, conference hall.

List of speakers
  • Duško Dimitrijevic, Ph.D., Acting Director of IIPE
  • Stanimir Vukićević, Ambassador, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia
  • Tibor Sabo, Ph.D., Assistant Minister for Basic research, Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

  • Gordana Terzić and Ana Vukićević , ""Presentation on Euroean Documentation Center (EDC)"

  • Aleksandra Čavoški, Ph.D., "Enlargement and the Lisbon Agreement"
  • Branko Rakić, Ph.D., "Europe between Federalism and Functionalism"
  • Predrag Bjelić, Ph.D., "Serbia's Trade Integration into EU"
  • Branislava Alendar, Ph.D., "Serbia and EU - to EU with Knowledge"
  • Bogdan Dima, Ph.D., "Financial Integration of the Central and Eastern European Capital Markets: 'An Opportunities and Threats' Story"
  • Zlatko Isaković, Ph.D., " Past, Present and Future of EU and West and other parts of Balkan"
  • Maja Stanivuković, Ph.D., " Translation of EC Court's Decisions to Serbian as a Part of Adopting acquis communitaire"
  • Svetomir Škarić, Ph.D., "Democracy and Human Rights in EU"
  • Tatjana Jevremović-Petrović, Ph.D., "Contemporary Problems of EU Company Law"
  • Ivona Lađvac, M.A., "EU on Kosovo and Metohia - E U L E X"
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