International Scientific Conference

27-28 September 2015

The International Scientific Conference entitled: "European Union's Strategy for the Danube Region in the 21st Century" was held on September 27 – 28th, 2015, and co-organized by the Institute of International Politics and Economics and the International Scientific Forum "Danube – River of Cooperation" in Belgrade. The 26th conference Dunube-River of Cooperation was opened by Forum on the occasion of the European Cultural Heritage and the World Day of River, during the sailing on the Danube and Sava. The second day, conference was hosted by the IIPE and the Institute of Economics Sciences and divided into the four panels. Professor Branislav Đorđević, Director of the IIPE and Mr. Viktor Nedović, PhD, Assistant to the Minister, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Department for International Cooperation and European integration, gave an opening speeches and welcomed participants. At the end of formal opening of the conference, Mrs. Edita Stojić Karanović, Director of the International Scientific Forum “Danube- River of Cooperation” greeted participants in the name of co-organizers. The conference provided exchange of opinions and experience, aiming at observing the development potentials of the Danube, useful for improvement of promoted "pillars" of cooperation, such as regional connections, environmental protection, strengthening of institutional capacity and security, and establishing prosperity through scientific research.