International Scientific Conference

29 June 2015

International Scientific Conference entitled: "Diplomacy and Culture of Serbia: Status and Perspectives" was held at the Conference Hall of the Institute of International Politics and Economics, on June 29th, 2015. It was sixth thematic international conference referring to diplomacy and culture, as well as preserving and protecting cultural and historical heritage of Serbia abroad. Besides IIPE, the conference was hosted by the Institute for Research of Cultural Development, and the Central Institute for Conservation as well. After prof. Branislav Đorđević, director of IIPE, had opened the Conference and welcomed participants, coordinator Vidoje Golubović, Research Fellow of IIPE, gave an introductory lecture. The conference comprised eight thematic sections: cultural diplomacy and international cultural relations; diplomacy and culture in foreign affairs and international relations; cultural diplomacy and international organizations; diplomacy of Republic of Serbia and culture before and during the First World War etc. Thirty authors, including representatives from different countries, faculties and state institutions, participated in the conference. Within four panels, the conference provided international and regional scientific exchanges while addressing the relevant topics, in order to observe the importance and the role of diplomacy in culture abroad, especially in Central Europe. The conference was moderated by Vidoje Golubović, PhD, Research Fellow of IIPE, Prof. Ljubiša Mitrović, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš, Prof. Zoja Bojić, PhD, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Nenad Vasić, PhD, Research Fellow of IIPE and Milovan Radaković, PhD, Research Fellow of IIPE.