The Contemporary International Legal Order and Serbia’s European Integration

10 December 2014

Institute of International Politics and Economics organised conference “The Contemporary International Legal Order and Serbia’s European Integration”. The main topic of the conference debate was the position of Serbia in the contemporary international law order with special emphasis on its current position in the European Union accession process. The participants in the conference discussed several topics focused on the development and codification of international law and issues related to the position of states and other subjects of international law in the context of contemporary international relations. The conference agenda included the discussion on the current issues of international human rights law, international humanitarian law, diplomatic and consular law, international contract law, international environment law as well as law of international organisations. When it comes to law of international organisations, the participants provided a theoretical background for the current issues regarding the relationship between international law and EU law, on one hand, and national law, on the other, with a view to the practice and jurisprudence of international courts. A part of the discussion was focused on open issues of harmonisation of the national legislation with EU law and on the institutional dimension of Serbia’s accession to the European Union.