Energy Security of Europe: The Position of Serbia

10-11 May 2012

The Institute of International Politics and Economics
in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation held the two-day conference entitled

Energy Security of Europe: The Position of Serbia

It took place on 10-11 May 2012 in the conference hall of Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade.

The conference was opened by

  • Nevenka Jeftić Šarčević, Ph.D., Assistant Director of IIPE,
  • Duško Lopandić, Ph.D., Assistant Minister and Head of the European Union Sector,
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia,
  • Miloš Banjac and Milutin Prodanović, Assistant Ministers,
    Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Serbia,
  • Dobrica Vesić, Ph.D., President of the Organisational Board of the conference and
  • Lutz Kober, Head of the Hanns Seidel Foundation for Serbia and Montenegro.

Participants in the conference discussed the political, legal, economic and security aspects of energy markets in the EU and Serbia.

There were three thematic panels within which 24 research papers were presented by numerous domestic and foreign authors from research and state institutions.

The Conference was divided into a plenary session and the following three panels:

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Energy security and interdependence in Europe”,
  chaired by Mikhail Mikhaylovich Lobanov, Ph.D.

Energy security in Southeast Europe”,
  chaired by Sanja Filipović, Ph.D. and

Position of Serbia”,
  chaired by Zoran Petrović Piroćanac, Ph.D.

Twenty one papers were presented in the three panels authored by over 30 foreign and Serbian academicians, as well as by experts affiliated to a various public institutions.

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