CONFERENCE: Preservation and protection
of Serbian cultural and historical heritage abroad

On 23 June 2011

Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade, organised the third international conference entitled

Preservation and protection of Serbian cultural and historical heritage abroad

which took place on 23 June 2011 at its conference hall.

It was opened by Mr. Duško Dimitrijević, Ph.D., Director of IIPE, Mr. Predrag Tojić, State Secretary, Ministry of Religion and Diaspora and Mr. Trivo Inđić, M.A., Advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia.

Mr. Dimitrijević pointed out, in his introductory and greeting speech, the significance of holding the conference on this topic. In this way, a scientific discussion on cultural and historical heritage of Serbia would be developed and strengthened. At the same time, world values are protected as well as the principle of the right to equality of identity of all people. According to the opinion of the Director of IIPE, the protection of diverse cultural heritage of Serbia should be based on the existence and cherishing of multi-ethnicity, multi-religiosity and multi-culturalism, thus respecting and promoting numerous Conventions for the preservation and protection of cultural property of the whole civilisation.

Mr. Tojić, State Secretary, said that the past, but also the future would be lighted up by renewing memories. In that sense, the Ministry of Religion and Diaspora was responsible for taking care of religious and cultural heritage of Serbia as well as of 4 million people in diaspora.

Mr. Trivo Inđić, M.A., added that as the President of the National Commission for UNESCO of Serbia he considered the topic of the conference very important. He also said that the crisis of cultural identity that was present these days made the topic of the conference marginalised, especially bearing in mind the Balkans as the region of many confrontations that have left trail both on material and non-material cultural heritage of Serbia.

The conference was divided into a plenary session and four thematic sessions within which thirty one papers written by authors from numerous domestic and foreign research and government institutions were presented.

The titles of the thematic sessions were as follows:

  • Material cultural and historical heritage
  • Non-material cultural and historical heritage
  • Protection of cultural and historical heritage and the process of preservation of identity of the peoples
  • Cultural and historical heritage in diaspora.

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