topic date month year
The Dayton Agreement - Two Decades of Peace and Lessons for the World 19 November 2015
Serbia and UN: Lessons from the Past and Vision for the Future 22 October 2015
Serbia and the European Union – Preparations for Negotiations on Chapter 23 and 24 29-30 September 2015
European Union's Strategy for the Danube Region in the 21st Century 27-28 September 2015
Globalized World: Advantage or Disadvantage 07 September 2015
Diplomacy and Culture of Serbia: Status and Perspectives 29 June 2015
Foreign policy dialogues: Western Balkan countries on the road to European integrations 10 February 2015
The Contemporary International Legal Order and Serbia’s European Integration 10 December 2014
Young Bosnia and the idea of national liberation 24 November 2014
Danube Strategy: From idea to implementation 25 September 2014
Major International Issues in the 21st Century
from a Perspective of Japan and Europe
15 September 2014
Serbia in contemporary European and regional surroundings 3 July 2014
The old and new world order –
Between european integrations and historical burdens:
Prospects and challenges for Europe in the 21st century
29 May 2014
5th Preservation and protection of Serbian cultural
and historical heritage abroad
31 October 2013
Water and Culture – 2013 24 September 2013
Serbia in the Danube Region in XXI Century 16 September 2013
Regionalism and Conciliation 9 September 2013
Republic of Serbia and Republic of Srpska
– Old and New Political Challenges
15 May 2013
Strategic Developments and Establishment of Serbia’s Position
in Contemporary International Relations
22-23 April 2013
Settlement of Open Issues between Succesor States of SFR Yugoslavia 29-30 November 2012
Preservation and protection of Serbian cultural
and historical heritage abroad
18-19 October 2012
Improvement of Relations Between Serbia
and South-East European States
8-9 October 2012
Challenges of the 21st Century
and the Region
11 September 2012
National and European Identity in the Process of European Integrations 28-29 June 2012
Energy Security of Europe: The Position of Serbia 10-11 May 2012
Western Balkans:
From Stabilisation to Integration
7-8 July 2011
Preservation and protection of Serbian cultural
and historical heritage abroad
23 June 2011
Harmonisation of Legislation of the Republic of Serbia
with European Union Law
5-6 May 2011
The Republic of Srpska and Serbia
in the Light of New Regional
and Global Relations
15 March 2011
The role of civil society in promoting the potential of the Danube basin
in the light of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region
21 October 2010
Role and Place of the Republic of Serbia in International Organisations 12 October 2010
Development potentials of foreign direct investments:
international experiences
16 September 2010
Japan and Serbia: Regional Cooperation and Border Issues:
A Comparative Analysis
9 September 2010
Preservation and protection of Serbian cultural
and historical heritage abroad
24 June 2010
Harmonisation of legislation of the Republic of Serbia
with European Union law
16 June 2010
National and European Identity 03 June 2010
The scientific community: shaping the future of Serbia 23 May 2010
Tourist Image of Serbia as a Factor of Economic Development 18 April 2010
Danube strategy and economy of knowledge 06 April 2010
Fifteen years since the Dayton Agreement 26 March 2010
Serbia in Contemporary Geostrategical Vicinity 21 September 2009
Preservation and Protection of Serbias
Cultural Heritage Abroad
26 June 2009
Serbia and Regional Integrations 15 June 2009
Serbia and EU 18 May 2009
EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans 12 December 2008
Water and Culure, XIX International Conference 24 October 2008
Elements of Serbia’s foreign policy strategy 28 May 2008