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Ph.D. Mihajlo Vučić

Topic Date Month Year
Moroccan Foreign Policy: Priorities, Initiatives and Challenges
14. May 2018.
Lecture on the development, current challenges and future prospects of the Iranian nuclear programme
11. April 2018.
100 Years of the Balfour Declaration
02. November 2017.
Peace, Stability and Development – goals of Algerian regional diplomacy
04. October 2017.
Current Developments in the Middle East: The Position of Israel
28. June 2017.
The current state of the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština
20. April 2017.
Methods of Hybrid War: Ukrainian Case Study
27. April 2016.
The Portuguese Experience of Accesion to the European Union; its Historical Antendents and its Implementation
24. June 2015.
Complementary Nature of Current Relations between Two Regional Actors: New Horizons in the Turkish-Serbian Cooperation
13. May 2015.
Tunisia: Exception of the Arab Spring
22. April 2015.
The Experience of the Republic of Croatia
in the European integration process
01 October 2014
Argentina and Social Inclusion
04 September 2014
Indonesia rising
02 June 2014
Germany and Serbia―
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
29 January 2014
Brazil, Development and Enhanced Political Presence:
Economic growth with social inclusion
23 October 2013
Ukraine’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2013 – Contribution to
strengthening security and cooperation in Europe
23 January 2013
The process of eurointegration of the Republic of Serbia
and the relationship with the Slovak Republic
12 April 2012
Hungary's Foreign Policy Priorities
Towards Serbia and the Balkans
9 March 2012
The Priorities of Swedish Foreign Policy Towards the Balkans
and Serbia in Particular
24 January 2012
2011: State of Play
in Serbia's EU Integration Process
11 March 2011
The Priorities of Swedish Foreign Policy Towards the Balkans
and Serbia in Particular
10 December 2010