Ambasadors Forum - Croatia

Mr Gordan Markotić, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic of Serbia

Lecture Title:
“The Experience of the Republic of Croatia in the European integration process”

Date of Lecture:
1st October 2014 at 11.00 am

Lecture Venue:
Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade, Makedonska 25

Croatia gained the membership candidate status on 18th June 2004, negotiations were opened on 3rd October 2005, closed on 30th June 2011, and Croatia became the 28th EU member state on 1st July 2013. Croatia has undergone the longest and most complex EU accession process. The new negotiating methodology was introduced (new chapters), along with new mechanisms (suspense clause, closing benchmarks, monitoring process after temporary closing of negotiations). Croatian model will be used in the future accession negotiation processes. The most important implication of Croatian accession process is the positive effect on all countries in the region because it was shown that EU membership is worthy and achievable goal. Croatia is willing to give its political support and technical help to all EU candidate countries.

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