Panel discussion

28 November 2017

Institute of International Politics and Economics (IIPE) organised a scholarly debate within the so called Internal Dialogue initiated by the President of the Republic of Serbia aimed at providing the academic views on plausible solutions for the final status of Kosovo. After introductory address given by the Director of the IIPE Professor Branislav Đorđević, Professor Milenko Dželetović and Vladimir Ajzenhamer, MA – both from the Faculty of Security, University of Belgrade – and Dr. Vladimir Trapara, the IIPE Research Fellow, offered their opinions and responded to the audience questions and comments. Professor Dželetović emphasized the vital importance of a proper perception of the economic aspect of the Kosovo issue particularly regarding the value of the property of the Republic of Serbia and economic resources trapped in the southern Serbian province. He also presented empirical evidence to support his claim that Albanian economic actors and population are still tightly connected to economic processes in the rest of Serbia. Vladimir Ajzenhamer shared his concerns that less visible risks to the national security of Serbia and neighbouring countries might arise from the home-grown religious radicalisation of young Albanians in Kosovo. Vladimir Trapara presented his own proposal for a solution to the final status of the southern Serbian province that takes into account the Albanian and Serbian interests as well as the policy of great powers towards the Western Balkans.