Round table

27 November 2017

In the framework of the traditional decades long cooperation of IIPE and the Japanese scholars, professor Fumio Iida of Kobe University and host dr Slobodan Jankovic, Head of the Centre for Neighbourly and Mediterranean states at teh IIPE, organised the round table conference on 27. November 2017. titled „Migrations, democracy and perception of ‘Others’”.
During interesting debate after introductory presentations, beside the organisers, participants from Japan and Serbia exchanged ther views, arguments and presentations. Participants were Prof. Taro Tsukmiura of the Doshisha University (Kyoto), Prof. Ryosuke Amiya-Nakada of tsuda University (Tokio), DR Kiyohide Yamaya of Doshisha University, Assistant Professor Ayaka Matsumoto of Hokkaido University, dr Srđan Korać, Deputy Direcot for research at the IIPE, dr Vladimir Trapara, Head of the Centre for Euroatlantic studies at the IIPE, dr Stevan Rapaić and dr Dušan Proroković.
Debated topics were theoretical and practical analysis of the migrant crisis, with focus on Serbian experience of it, perception of others in Japana nd in Serbia, democracy, minorities, racism and EU politics vis-a-vis migration.