International cooperation

16 November 2016

H.E. LI Manchang, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Serbia, on November 16th 2016, upon the invitation of the Director, Prof. Dr. Branislav Djordjevic, delivered a lecture at Institute of International Politics and Economics.
Addressing to the representatives of the academic, scientific and wider public audience, Ambassador Li spoke of the People's Republic of China and relations between the PRC and the Republic of Serbia. He pointed out that, despite the differences in size of territory and population, the two countries cooperate successfully for decades mutually respecting the principles of international law and peaceful coexistence. Ambassador Li said, among other things, said that our two countries share a common anti-fascist past, and that, on these grounds, we are bound with deep respect and sincere friendship. Being itself a developing country, China is firmly committed to contribute to the accelerated development of the Republic of Serbia through investments in various economic sectors. So far realized projects such as the bridge Zemun-Borca, TE Obrenovac, Smederevo steel plant, confirms this commitment.